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CPR Training FAQs

While you’re probably eager to get started with in-person certification, we understand you might have questions about certification and recertification courses. Here are some frequently asked questions about CPR training.
How Long Does CPR Certification Take?
All CPR certification courses typically take place over 2-4 hours with the exception of advanced cardiac level courses. The exact time it takes to complete the course depends on several factors.
What Do I Need for the Course?
The American Heart Association requires that students have access to the course manual before, during and after the class (see course page).
What should I wear?
Dress comfortably as you will practice skills during the class.
How long is the certification good for?
Certifications are good for two years.
I loved that class! How can I become a CPR instructor/join the Elite CPR Pro Team?
Send us an email or give us a call and we will help you get started!

How Long Does CPR Certification Last?
CPR certification lasts two years. Your certification card is valid until the end of the month in which the card was issued. Once those two years are up, you must take a renewal course.
I already have a manual, Can I use my own?
You may use a current copy of the course provider manual. If you do not have one you may purchase one on our website or from our office on the day of your class.
When will I receive my certification card?
Your card will be issued the same day you take our course!
Who will teach my course?
One of our certified American Heart Association Instructors who also have backgrounds in healthcare and military instruction.